Saturday, November 3, 2012

Do you think ________, makes my ______, look _______?

I love when people say things like this!  I find myself doing it all the time!  
Do you think this bow makes my head look too small?  
Personally, I have to tell you that I think it is super fabulous.
It's not for the stylishly timid,
but I would rock it just for the nay sayers.

This look will undoubtedly stir up the conversation in any stagnant room!
I am obsessed with all of

 My Rule:  If it is a bit too much, I throw one more thing on!

I this skirt too bright?

Do these lashes look too long?  
I think that is kind of like asking "is this diamond too big"?
Dumb question.

Too much or never enough?  My pick is never enough. Life is to short.
I wear my stuff and my style like it's my life.  
I have fun with it, follow no rules, (except the white before easter, I'm a southerner).  
Besides that, it's open game.  Have fun and for god sakes, live a  little.