Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Best costumes EVER!

Halloween is definitely my favorite time of the year!  
My first love was character make up for movies,  
so this is a fun time of year with my kids!  
I keep it simple with the little ones though.  
Piper, Zander, and Sutton's costume will have to be a surprise!
If I had my vote they would be rocking one of these lil' ensembles!  
I love a nugget fashionista!

My Baby Birkin


So cute, lil snowbaby!

Mini Audrey!

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Oh so cute Scarecrow.


Lil' Old Ladies



Michael Jackson

I will keep you posted on our pics after Halloween!

Monday, October 1, 2012

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

Every two years, my husband's company is invited to a summit in Vegas.  This is a motivational time for all of the business owners and staff to get together from across the country and get motivated and educated on the new products.  Van Products, Inc. brings freedom and mobility to physically challenged residents of North Carolina. Their two locations in Raleigh and Wilmington, North Carolina offer personal and commercial wheelchair-accessible vehicles, lifts, ramps, hand controls and many other products that make the world more accessible. Not only is this an amazing business to be in, it is also very touching.  Every person in a chair has a story.  I have been very blessed to know a few of them that are leaders for their cause which is not to let their struggles get them down.  They keep their heads up and keep on moving.  There are limitations for each individual but they continue to strive for new technology and accessibility to keep them mobil.  It was a great week with Braun Ability, and I am very excited to have been a part of it!

To die for!

Love these pics, they remind me of Kristen Martinez work!  She is my fav artist of the hour!  The dress, is amazing!  I love that Valentino did a baby pink for fall.  I mean who does that?  
Valentino does, and I'm good with that! 

This was so neat, it was in the hotel!  

I can be a little touristy.  No fanny pack, just cheesy pics!

Just wishing' this was my courtyard!

Francisca looking at the parasols!  We were both excited when we figure out they moved!

I love getting my ID. checked!  

This a pretty bad quality picture, but I couldn't not put it on here!  
We had such a great time, with great friends.